AHEPA Automotive District 10 is engaged in the following fundraising programs:

1. University of Michigan Endowment to benefit students of the Modern Greek Language - Target is $30,000 
2. Annual Scholarships for high School Graduates and College students - our Goal is $5,000 for 2020
3. Flint Milk to support the people of Flint - our Goal for 2020 is $4,000
4. Philanthropy for needy - Funds donated to Churches to support those in need - 2020 Goal $3,000
5. Warrior Dogs - To train dogs that save veterans lives - Learn more  - 2020 Goal $10,000

Donations are tax deductible - TAX ID: 38-3076167

Donation Receipts are emailed per IRS guidelines.

For any questions please contact any of the AHEPA District 10 Lodge officers or the Daughters of Penelope District Lodge officers for donations.  

Thank you for your support!